Fukushima reactor shows radiation levels much higher than thought | Environment | guardian.co.uk

One of Japan‘s crippled nuclear reactors still has fatally high radiation levels and much less water to cool it than officials estimated, according to an internal examination that renews doubts about the plant’s… Continue reading

Activist Post: Soros Criminal Conviction Exposes “Human Rights” Scam

Bloomberg’s report, “Soros Loses Case Against French Insider-Trading Conviction,” indicates that an appeal based on a “human rights” violation against Wall Street speculator George Soros has been rejected by the “European Court of… Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford 3-26-12…”Over 200 senior bankers arrested last week as new financial system goes online”… “Overall, things are looking very good” | Kauilapele’s Blog

Ben confirms that the final take down of the cabal is going on with the arrests and resignations of the bankers, and a new financial system is already online. He also outlines some… Continue reading

World Blog – ‘Global March to Jerusalem’: Israel’s borders on high alert as huge protests loom

RAMALLAH, West Bank – Palestinian organizers are calling for massive demonstrations on Friday to mark Land Day, an annual event that commemorates the killing of six Arabs who were protesting Israeli land policies… Continue reading

Container homes: out-of-the-box thinking | Inman News

Container homes: out-of-the-box thinking Innovative projects give new life to retired shipping units By Inman News, Wednesday, March 14, 2012. Inman News® via inman.com


Trayvon Martin Case: Teen’s Friends Say He Never Picked A Fight

MIAMI — Wearing a hoodie. Listening to music and talking on his cellphone. Picking up Skittles for his soon-to-be stepbrother. Friends say that’s how they would have imagined 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on a… Continue reading

Jon Corzine, Ex-MF Global CEO, Gave ‘Direct Instructions’ To Transfer $200M From Customer Account

WASHINGTON — A former MF Global executive is contradicting testimony from Jon Corzine, saying the former senator ordered the transfer of $200 million last fall out of a customer account days before the… Continue reading

We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term. | Petition2Congress

WE the People demand that the House and Senate launch Immediately a FULL scale Investigation into President Obama’s eligibilty to be President of the United States and his eligibility to run for office… Continue reading

Job Hunters Cry Foul Over Employers’ Use Of Background Checks – Careers Articles

If you’ve gotten a new job in recent years, you’ve probably been subjected to a criminal or credit background check. More than 90 percent of employers conduct criminal background checks on job hunters,… Continue reading