The Senator: Sara Barnes Charged With Setting Fire That Destroyed 3,500-Year-Old Florida Cypress Tree

A 26-year-old Orlando-area woman has been charged with setting the January fire that burned and destroyed ‘The Senator’, one of the world’s oldest pond cypress trees and a beloved local attraction. Investigators said… Continue reading

How To Build Your Very Own Website Regardless Of Experience – Start To Finish

Good for you, you have found a great place that will help you absolutely every step of the way through the process of building your first web site. If your just starting out… Continue reading

Media-made “Foes” and Deceptive “Friends”

“‘A handful of us determine what will be on the evening news broadcasts, or, for that matter, in the New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal.… And those [news stories]… Continue reading

What it means to be a Christian

Through the cross, our wonderful Savior took the punishment for our sins and brought us into an intimate relationship with Himself that will last forever. [See Guilty as Charged]     via


Four thousand years ago, Abraham caught a glimpse of  God’s anger toward Sodom and Gomorrah.  Alarmed, he told the  almighty Creator of the universe, “Far be it from You to do such a… Continue reading

The Truth

“What is Truth?” Face to face with Truth Himself, Pontius Pilate asked this timeless question, then walked away. Soon afterwards he condemned Truth to death. But He who is Truth is also Life.… Continue reading

My Savior

Who needs a Savior? I do! Every day. The more I learn about Him, the better I understand how lost and blind I was before He opened my  eyes.  The more I see… Continue reading

The Way

Jesus is the Way — the only way — through the pain, fears, losses and challenges of our times!  What’s more, He is the only Way to a victorious life with God today… Continue reading

Apocalypse Sounds Played All At Once "Amazing" Bible Prophecy! – Rapture Watch

Uploaded by paulbegley34 on Feb 2, 2012 Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana plays an audio (news reports from CTV) (Shawn Fussell Texas made the combination apocalypse sounds) of all the different sounds heard… Continue reading

WHAT RON PAUL WANTS YOU TO KNOW – What the news won’t show you. – YouTube